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Working With Me

Working with me

Due to the technical nature of Stenography, it’s important for those who book my services to help me deliver the best quality service possible to the client, by ensuring that:

* A chair is available for me next to the client
* There is room on the table for a laptop for my client to read the text from
* Access to power outlets, such as a 2-way or 4-way extension lead set up by my chair
* Access to the room at least 10 minutes before the meeting so I can set up the ‘steno’ machine and sync it to the laptop
* If the speech-to-text reporting is being projected onto a large screen, for more than 2 clients or an entire room for example, I ask that the venue is responsible for the plasma TV or projector and screen and provides a standard VGA/HDMI cable that will connect to my laptop.

For a quote or a chat about how I may be able to help you, please email or text me on: 07979 375717.

Additional logistics:

* IMPORTANT: I kindly ask for a short break on the hour every hour to avoid repetitive strain injury or arm and wrist fatigue. This is also for the client who ideally needs a break from reading the screen
* If the meeting is held outside London, I kindly ask you to provide a parking space
* Please provide details of where the meeting will take place including full address, postcode, meeting room details, plus a contact name and mobile number at the venue for emergencies
* Background papers such as a meeting agenda, minutes of the last meeting, any details about the subject of the meeting
* I always arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the meeting unless there is a major transport problem
* I act with the utmost discretion and ensure a highly accurate service

If you require any transcript notes, these can be supplied for an additional £25 for a half day or £50 for full day (separate fee as per AVSTTR guidelines).

INVOICE: Please note if you are relying on a third party to pay the invoice (i.e. ATW), you will be liable if the third party do not pay. Standard 28 day payment applies to all invoices. Any travel expenses incurred will be refundable in full by the booker.

NRCPD Registered since 2004 | DBS checked 2015 – 2018 | P.I. Insured If I am unable to help you on this occasion, please refer to for a list of other Stenographers. Cancellation terms as per AVSTTR guidelines for STT bookings: 10 working days = half agreed fee; 5 working days full agreed fee. Any travel expenses incurred will be refundable in full by the booker. Please see for Standards of Service.

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